Croatia is one among those countries that offer lowest tuition fees when it comes to international education. Apart from that there are a tremendous number of institutions that offer scholarship programs for international students. In Croatia, both the government and private aided institutions give scholarship programs based on the candidate’s academic history and other criteria’s. A scholarship program for an international student aspiring to study in Croatia is the best option for financing since the grants and national student loan schemes are made available to only the natives or the Croatians.

Not all international scholarships have the eligibility requirements based on GPA scores and a motivation letter, besides the merit based scholarships, numerous specific scholarships are awarded to students following various criteria such as nationality, religion, special needs or financial situation.

Scholarships have been an excellent way to help the students to tie through the financial barriers in pursuing their education abroad. Under this system, in consideration with various credentials of the prospective candidates who have been selected for a course abroad may be awarded with scholarships provisioned by the university or the education board or the government at times, in the host country.

These programs are targeted at young people in initial vocational training. SCHoLARSHIPS FoR AMERICANS oF PoLISH DESCENT: Polish Government provides various scholarship Programs for Americans of Polish Descent. Some of them are following:

Country wise Scholarships:

The scholarships are widely used for education systems in US, Europe, Asia and also in few other parts of the world. The valid credentials of the student normally determine the percentage of scholarship; the student can avail on their tuition. The students always have the option to fund the rest of their tuition through education loans or other sources after such scholarships.

The financial aids or the student scholarship option for international students are abundant through various boards and affiliations like Fulbright Scholarships, Rotary Scholarships, Postdoctoral fellowships, Merit Scholarships, college loans etc.

Customizable funding for Tuition:

There is a comprehensive list of awards, scholarships, grants and other financial aids made available for the students. The students can choose the kind of awards or aids available to them through any of the sources that the university or their course supports within the host country. The eligibility factor for the students on such financial aids may depend on a lot of variables like the host countries, universities and the boards. It could also be a mix of previous academic scores, ranks, financial background of the students, country from which the student hails etc.

Most of the scholarships and awards for the international students with relevant universities they have chosen for the academics can be searched through different scholarship search engines dedicated for Europe, US, Canada, Australia, UK and more. Some of such services include Grant search Australia, International Education Financial Aid, Scholarships, SFU graduate awards, STOD & Stipendier AB (SOS AB), Student, etc to name a few.

Types of Scholarships:
Student centric Scholarships:

The scholarships options for the students can be of different kinds. There can be scholarship activities initiated by a group or community or an acclaimed board for almost anything under the sky that you can imagine. Like for example, scholarship for single parent, for religious convictions provided by biblical community or any other religious community, scholarship for environmental activities, scholarship for enjoying an art or excelling in a sport etc. Such scholarship that revolves around a student with relevance to their activities can be categorized as Student centric scholarships. Such scholarships availed by the students can be based on the students interests and their performances with relevance to that interest in a particular community which promotes the same. For example Best Buy provides scholarship programs for new college students interested in community services. The most common form of student centric scholarship includes the one for the minorities

Exclusive or Unique Scholarships:

These are the kind of scholarships that are not essentially inclined to one’s academics or financial proficiency or country from which they hail. They are specifically awarded for some special traits or their interest in certain set of activities like speaking in certain languages, following an exotic culture, protecting wild life, athletics etc. They can avail such scholarships by contacting a specific organization with relevance to such traits or activities and showcasing them with the candidate’s time and resource investment in the relevant sector and meeting other criteria’s laid down by such bodies. Some examples of such scholarships include Community Service scholarships, first in family Scholarships, Legacy Scholarships, Military Scholarships, Prestigious Scholarships, Average students scholarships, Scholarship for single mom, Scholarship for writing etc. © 2016 All Rights Reserved.   Follow Us: