Student Life in Croatia

There is a lot to talk about the lifestyle in Croatia. It starts with the pricing, the tourist destinations, football etc. But the student life in Croatia is what tends to be a topic of wide discussion in realms of migration and international education services as well. So let’s get deep into how the life of a student would be in Croatia. Ever since the Bologna was declared in 2001, the whole studying process has been made extremely delightful. Extracurricular activities, socializing and having fun are an important part of studying in Croatia.

Social Life

In most cases, international students in Croatia will be entitled to discounted food and other essentials, such as public transport through their student card, which can make day to day life relatively cost effective.

Social life is also a big part of the university experience in Croatia, with students’ unions providing the same services to students as they do in the UK and elsewhere. There are also a large number of student organizations, including those for international students that allow students to meet others with similar interests.

There are also numerous opportunities to explore whilst on your downtime in Croatia, from the ancient walled city of Dubrovnik to the pristine island beaches to the capital city of Zagreb, which has more museums within its environs than hotels.

Worrying about Funding??

No worries. There are lot of scholarship opportunities for right candidates

Sources of Scholarships:

In this era of educational support services and functions, the study abroad options are huge for the international students and their opportunity to expand their spectrum of higher studies or academics are fathomless. This is clearly justified by various financial and education boards through such provisioning like the scholarships, grants, fellowship programs, award systems and much more. Most of them are specifically targeted at the international students. Such systems are essentially accredited by different set of institutions or boards or governments to give them the essential reputation they need in the industry.

Few of the US government funded scholarship programs include Fulbright foreign student program, Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program etc. Nongovernmental scholarship boards include Abbey road summer scholarships, The next gen scholarship funds, Tortuga Backpacks Study Abroad Scholarships, David P. Shpiro Annual Leukaemia Scholarships etc.

Specific scholarship programs for Asian students are made available by various boards like East-West Center Scholarships and Fellowships, japan-United States Friendships Commission etc.

Boards like AAUW international fellowships and MIT-Zaragoza Women in Logistics and SCM Scholarships are specifically designed for women pursuing their academics in US. There are a lot of such boards in Europe as well which provides, scholarships, education grants, fellowships and award system for women. These scholarships are also covered in Belarus.

There are even boards like Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship program, Mandela Washington Fellowship for young African Leaders, MasterCard foundation scholarships etc which funds the students aspiring to study abroad from developing and under developed countries as well.

Above all, there are university specific scholarships provided directly by the educational institutions purely based on their merit and performances like American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship, Brandeis University Wien International Scholarship program, Harvard university scholarships etc. This is mostly based on the meritorious performance of the students.
From the above details student can browse through a wide range of options which can help them lubricate their passion to pursue their academics abroad with any internationally acclaimed and top ranked universities. These days, the global education sector is carved in such a way that the academics for students are in forefront rather than a minor financial barrier that might take out the right opportunity for a right candidate