Croatia is one among those countries that offer lowest tuition fees when it comes to international education. Apart from that there are a tremendous number of institutions that offer scholarship programs for international students. In Croatia, both the government and private aided institutions give scholarship programs based on the candidate’s academic history and other criteria’s. A scholarship program for an international student aspiring to study in Croatia is the best option for financing since the grants and national student loan schemes are made available to only the natives or the Croatians.

Student Life in Croatia

There is a lot to talk about the lifestyle in Croatia. It starts with the pricing, the tourist destinations, football etc. But the student life in Croatia is what tends to be a topic of wide discussion in realms of migration and international education services as well. So let’s get deep into how the life of a student would be in Croatia. Ever since the Bologna was declared in 2001, the whole studying process has been made extremely delightful. Extracurricular activities, socializing and having fun are an important part of studying in Croatia.

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News and articles

  • Croatia weighs a strategy for higher education reform

    Heading the agenda: although student protests in 2009 have not achieved all their aims, they have served to spur debate and influence a strategy document now under consideration by the Croatian government.In a town near the Croatian border with Bosnia, Marija Čačić saw many family members and friends lose their jobs as local industries shut down.

  • Croatian government introduces target agreements with higher education institutions

    The Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports has concluded target agreements with higher education institutions for the first time. The process was developed as part of a World Bank project in which CHE managing director Prof. Dr. Frank Ziegele acted as consultant.

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Higher Education system in Croatia

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